2018 Holiday Gift Guides!

Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guides!

Top Toys for Infants, Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Elementary School Children, and Kidults!
A babies development starts immediately as they start to learn how to navigate the outside world. Within the first few months, babies learn to smile, first at themselves then back at you, track objects with their eyes and grasp the things around them. At Toyology Toys, we believe those first few months are crucial and our goal is to curate products that encourage these developmental milestones.  From the NogginStick that encourage visual tracking to our STEW for grasping, teething, and stacking. Here’s our list of top toys everything else in between your babies first few months of life!


By now, there are lots of things your toddler or preschooler has mastered but there’s still lots to be discovered! Toddlers experience huge developmental milestones as they learn and desire to be more independent. Activities like reading to your child, pretend play, sorting, and color recognizing and so importing during your child’s toddler years. As preschool approaches for your toddler, their curiosity and adventurous nature will bloom. They will be more interested in other people and begin asking questions. Encourage their curiosity and expanding imagination with products like roleplay sets and building and construction toys. Here’s our list of top toys for your toddler as they enter preschool!


As your child begins to navigate and become more comfortable in school, children develop likes and dislikes, hobbies and what interests them. They are more self-aware and in return, more vocal. They are learning new things, making new friends and their needs in toys and products begin to change. Here at Toyology Toys, we always promote “toys that teach”, but during this age especially, it is important to make learning fun with educational toys and games. We make it easy to find toys that help them learn with toys that really interest them. With toys that spark interest in STEAM like the Circuit Scribe Maker Kit or STAX, our insanely magnetic building blocks, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our list of top toys for your child navigating elementary school!


Who says teenagers and adults don’t need toys? At Toyology Toys, we encourage play at any and all ages! Ask any Toyologist and they’ll tell you, we carry toys for ages up to 108! From games like Trivial Pursuit and Itzi for game night to desk toys like SPEKS or Stressed by Design Stress Balls to increase concentration and productivity, we have the product for that “hard to buy for” teenager or adult. Here’s our list of top toys for teens, adults and what we like to call, “kidults”!