2018 Top Toys for Toddlers & Preschoolers

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Nov 01

Check out our favorite products for toddlers and preschoolers!

By now, there are lots of things your toddler or preschooler has mastered but there’s still lots to be discovered! Toddlers experience huge developmental milestones as they learn and desire to be more independent. Activities like reading to your child, pretend play, sorting, and color recognizing and so importing during your child’s toddler years. As preschool approaches for your toddler, their curiosity and adventurous nature will bloom. They will be more interested in other people and begin asking questions. Encourage their curiosity and expanding imagination with products like roleplay sets and building and construction toys. Here’s our list of top toys for your toddler as they enter preschool!


Mack the Monster Truck

Monster Truck Mack is a colorful monster truck with realistic engine sounds and oversized rubber wheels from WOW Toys.

Ages: 1+

He has a push-down engine that when pushed opens Mack’s enormous mouth to reveal a set of monster teeth coming to get you! Children love playing with Monster Mack and his scary smile is completely loveable though it may persuade your little ones to brush their teeth regularly! Monster Truck Mack’s removable friendly driver figure loves to drive his monster truck and he is a sure winner every time thanks to Mack’s supersized and powerful motorized engine.  Just flip-up his roof and place the driver figure into his driver seat and wait for it… Ready…Steady…Set…Go!

  • Mack Monster Truck is a 2 Piece set and includes a Monster Truck and a driver Play Friend figure.
  • WOW toys don’t require any batteries and still have amazing functions and features to discover. We only use high-grade materials and every toy is rigorously tested to make sure it is durable and safe.
– courtesy of WOW Toys

Loog Guitars

Learn guitar!

Ages: 3+

With a Loog and its accompanying app, a child can learn to play songs -not just scales or exercises- on day one. This gives little rockers a sense of accomplishment that stimulates them to keep going. With Loog, kids are playing, learning and having fun from the very beginning, acquiring skills that stay with them forever. 

  • Real wood, real guitar: perfect intonation, low string action, and classical nylon strings
  • The ideal first guitar: 3-string award-winning design approved by educators
  • Fully assembled and ready to play
  • Includes flashcards with chord diagrams and full access to the Loog Guitar app (iOS and Android)
– courtesy of Loog Guitars

Ezra, age 2, LOVES playing on his Loog Guitar!

Start Up Circuits

Circuit Fundamental, Cause & Effect, Problem Solving…

Ages: 18 months & up

When kids click together these chunky pieces and then flip the switch, they’ll get an exciting result: either a spinning fan, a glowing light or a whistling siren! All switch blocks and action tops are interchangeable for mixing, matching and experimenting with actual working circuits in a completely safe way. Young children will develop an innate understanding of circuitry and build a strong foundation for future STEM success. Includes 3 switch blocks, 3 action tops, instructions, and parent guide. Requires 6 AA batteries (sold separately).

– courtesy of Mindware

My First Animal Train

Smartmax My First Animal Train is the best product on the market for toddlers!

Ages: 1.5 – 5

Smartmax My First Animal Train is by far the best product on the market. It takes magnetic building to a whole new, creative level! Magnetic building can be a little difficult for those under 1, but the animal train makes it easy and educational! It allows you to mix and match the trains or animal pieces which brings out the STEM development. The Smartmax animal train is also compatible with all other magnetic building, making it last a lifetime!

  • Encourages educational play
  • Keeps toddlers engaged for hours on end
  • Allows the development of imagination
  • Great for hand-eye coordination

Light Stax

Light up your play! Light Stax Creative 16 Set has more colors and sizes.

Ages: 6+

Light up your world with Light Stax illuminated blocks! These unique building blocks glow brilliantly with colorful light as you stack them, bringing your designs to life. There are 3 light modes: instant on, flashing and glowing. Lights can be set to stay on or 15-minute auto-off. Sound activation base has a function setting that makes the lights flash with sound. Package contains 16 Duplo size bricks (8 of the 4-peg size, 4 of the 6-peg size and 4 of the 8-peg size) in 8 colors, 1 USB Smart Base, 1 USB to DC cable and 3 AAA batteries. Fully compatible with other building blocks of similar size.

  • Set includes: 16 Duplo size bricks (in 8 colors and 3 sizes), 1 USB Smart Base, 1 USB to DC cable and 3 AAA batteries
  • Each block lights up as you link it to any block connected to the power source
  • 100% compatible with other building blocks of similar size; can be used as a fun night light!


– courtesy of Light Stax


Build away with Magna-Qubix!

Ages: 3+


Magna-Qubix magnets are a great toy to build objects using your imagination! There are cubes, triangle prisms and more. Build it, stack it, work your magic to create! It can help with learning shapes, tactical skills, and colors. I think this is a great toy because there are so many possibilities on what you can build, imagine and create! The Magna-Qubix is great for kids 3 and up.

  • Hours of creative play!
  • Great for kids 3 and up!
  • Imagination is the key to success.
  • Can help develop fine motor skills as kids stack, build and count!
  • This product will help develop math, science, spatial and tactile skills.

100 PC. Set

Hours of building. Hours of fun.

Ages: 3+

Play is often the primary mode of learning for children. For young minds, taking flat pieces and constructing 3-D objects with them is a new and exciting discovery.

Magna-Tiles attract on all sides, even when flipped around. Children explore geometric shapes, symmetry, and other basic math concepts with these colorful pieces. Includes 50 small squares, 4 large squares, 15 isosceles triangles, 11 right triangles, and 20 equilateral triangles.

– courtesy of Valtech

Color Changing Bath Puppy

Clean him with warm water, and watch his black markings turn blue! When he dries, colors return to black.

Ages: 2+
  • Includes Sprocket puppy, hooded towel, ducky squirt toy, and water bowl.
– courtesy of Breyer

Luna: Color Changing Bath Unicorn

Clean her with warm water, and watch her mane, tail and celestial markings change color! When she dries, colors return to normal.

Ages: 2+
  • Includes Luna unicorn, bathrobe, atomizer spray bottle, and brush.
– courtesy of Breyer

Constructables: Dino

Motorized Building Playset For Kids.

Ages: 3+ 

The Dino Constructables Set allows kids to build a motorized T-Rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, and Mastodon. Hook up pieces to the power pack and the creations move. Includes 18 chunky pieces. Requires 1 “AA” battery, not included.

– courtesy of TOMY

Constructables: Vehicles

Motorized Building Playset For Kids.

Ages: 3+ 

It’s a train. It’s a plane, a helicopter, a race car–it’s all these things.This motorized building playset for kids allows them to build planes, cars, helicopters and more. Constructables features a battery power pack that connects to 14 other pieces in any number of combinations: turn on the power pack to see propellers and wheels turn!  

– courtesy of TOMY

Wooden 24 PC. Set
in Tints

The 24-Piece Set is a medium building set that allows for big and tall creations.

Ages: 1+
  • Includes 24 blocks in 6 shapes: 4 medium columns, 4 mega planks, 6 long planks, 4 short planks, 4 cubes and 2 parallelograms
  • Wood
  • Imported
  • Tegu provides for tree planting, child education and holistic employment in Honduras
  • Brilliantly simple and premium heirloom-quality toy that will last for generations
  • Curiously attractive and perfect for those seeking toys supporting open-ended and unscripted play
  • Naturally safe: no lead, no plastic, non-toxic, water-based lacquer finish, no small parts
  • Sustainably sourced, FSC-certified Honduran hardwoods
– courtesy of TEGU

Examine and Treat
Pet Vet Play Set

Give young animal lovers everything they need to examine and treat pretend pets!

Ages: 3+

The 24-piece collection for aspiring veterinarians three and older comes with two adorable plush pets (a dog and a cat), and accessories galore, including a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, ear scope, tweezers, and clamp. There are bottles, tubes, and tubs of pretend treatments and ointments, bandages and a cast for boo-boos, and even a neck “cone” to keep pets from licking! Everything, including a reusable examination checklist, stores in a handy tote bag, so little vets can make house calls!

– courtesy of Melissa & Doug

Dad of 2, checking out Melissa & Doug pretend play playsets

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