2019 Top Toys for Newborns & Infants (Under 1 Year)

By Leah | Toy Guides

Nov 01

Our top toys and gifts for infants and newborns, one-year and younger.

Everything for the diaper bag, stroller, car seat, crib and more to encourage your babies developmental milestones. 
Lights ‘N’ Music First Book
0 months & up

Key Feature: Perfect for the crib but can also be used for tummy time.

Educational Benefit: A variety of features to engage multiple developmental stages such as sensory development and cause and effect. 
Yoee Baby
0 months & up

Key Feature: All-in-one teether, crinkle paper, and rattle toy.
Educational BenefitEssential in promoting mommy and baby bonding.
Noggin Stick
0 months & up

Key Feature: A variety of features including a rattle, light up top, mirrored bottom and soft, easy-to-grip textures.
Educational Benefit: Tool that can be used by parents, teachers and caregivers to encourage early milestones in infants. 

Lights ‘N’ Music Friends Ball
3 months & up
Key Feature: "Toss, shake, tap or roll to activate the lights and music."
Educational Benefit: Great toy for engaging tummy time and encouraging crawling. 

Baby Newspaper
4 months & up
Key Feature: The soothing sound they love, without the tearing-up-newspaper mess! 
Educational Benefit: The crinkle sound inside the soft exterior has been proven to soothe babies. 

Baby Remote Control Teether
4 months & up
Key Feature: Keep your baby away from the real remote with this teether that looks and feels like the real thing.
Educational Benefit: Made up of two different textures, one for teething and one for gripping. 

Magic Reflection Ball
6 months & up
Key Feature: The suction cup on the bottom can be suctioned to the high chair, stroller, table and a restaurant making it a great on-the-go toy.
Educational Benefit: The mirrored ball promotes visual stimulation and tracking.

Push & Pull UFO
6 months & up
Key Feature: "8 colorful push and pull buttons"
Educational Benefit: The different push and pull bottoms help develop fine motor skills

Chew Cube
6 months & up
Key Feature: Large holes help with gripping while the soft, textured edges soothe sore gums.
Educational Benefit: The black and white, mirrored cube inside promotes visual and auditory stimulation. 

Multi-Sense Trumpet
7 months & up
Key Feature: This toy engages almost all of their senses. 
Educational Benefit: Unique whistle element helps develop oral motor skills. 

10 months & up
Key Feature: A new take on a nesting toy where all the pieces stay nicely together.
Educational Benefit: "Encourages sensory exploration, tactile learning, fine motor skills, object permanence, spatial reasoning"
Whirly Squigz
10 months & up
Key Feature: Essential for the diaper bag as they can be suctioned to any flat, non-porous surface.
Educational Benefit: When suctioned down, spin them around for visual and tactile stimulation. Or use them as a teether!

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