4 NEW Perfect Pairs + 2 Perfect Trios for Easy Gifting!

By Leah | Toy Guides

May 20

Check out our Perfect Pairs for easy gifting!

We put together some of our favorite products to make incredible gifts, make your shopping experience a breeze and in return, make your life easier this holiday season!

Dimpl + Whirly Squigz + Sensory Rollers

All favorites (and turning into classics) from Fat Brain Toys! Each of these products provides unique sensory development for babies and toddlers. 


Whirly Squigz

Sensory Rollers

Unicorn Hoodie Blanket + Sparkles the Unicorn

Yes, we are all still OBSESSED with unicorns! For any unicorn lover, this duo makes a magical pair! Sequins Pets allows you to decorate Sparkles the Unicorn uniquely to you. With its weighted bottom, it also provides a sense of calm and relief for kids feeling anxious. The Unicorn Hoodie Blanket makes a convertible hoodie to a blanket to turn yourself in a unicorn! 

Unicorn Hoodie Blanket

Sequins Pets: Sparkles the Unicorn

Wall Climbing Car + Virtual Archer

Two of our favorites from Thumbs Up! The Wall Climbing Car is a holiday hit every year while the Virtual Archer is becoming a favorite for tech lovers! The Wall Climbing Car does exactly what it sounds, an RC car the drives up walls, ceilings, and floors (without damaging walls!) The Virtual Archer allows you to practice archery using your Smartphone. Download the app to shoot zombies and dragons! 

Wall Climbing Car

Virtual Archer

Glo Pals + Magna-Tiles

Glo Pals and Magna-Tiles are two of our favorites on their own but paired together, they make an incredible duo! Pair Glo Pals and Magna-Tiles for a sensory experience for toddlers. Build unique structures with Magna-Tiles and place Glo Pals inside for an awesome light show! 

Glo Pals


SPEKS + Stressed by Design: Designer Stress Balls

KIDULT ALERT! SPEKS and Stressed by Design are essential for any kid or adults desk or workspace. Both are considered hand-manipulatives and provide a sense of ease and calm when played with. SPEKS and Stressed by Design come in a variety of colors to fit every personality. 


Stressed by Design
Designer Stress Balls

Character Creator + Comic Book Kit

Do you know a kid who LOVES superheroes?! Who doesn’t!? With Character Creator and the Comic Book Kit, a child can not only create and write their own comic but create the action figure to go along with it! If that’s not enough superheroes, add the Trading Card Kit to make trading cards of all their creations to trade with their friends.

Character Creator

Comic Book Kit

Trading Card Kit

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