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Apr 25

Toyology Spotlight – PowerUp DART

By Ben | Toyology Spotlight

Power up and let it fly!

Soar through the air with the new Power Up Dart. This smartphone-controlled paper airplane can do tricks, stunts, takeoff from the ground and even land! Reaching speeds up to 25 MPH, the birds won’t be able to keep up. This is to be one of the hottest summer items.

Choose from two control options! There is first the game-pad options and second the gesture control. Using the gyroscope within your smartphone, control your DART by tilting your phone or tablet right or left for maneuvering and ascend or descend using the throttle lever.

Key Features:

  • Safely takeoff and land with provided landing gear.
  • Control via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet
  • Race your friends at speeds up to 25 MPH

Educational Benefits:

  • This product is great for learning the basic principles of aerodynamics and the physical aspects of flying.
  • Increase your coordination and fine motor skills

PowerUp Dart 

PowerUp 2.0

Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Feb 28

Toyology Spotlight – Mini Lollipopter & Wonder Wire

By Ben | Toyology Spotlight

Playable art with a twist!

New from Beyond123 are the Mini Lollipopter and Wonder Wire. With a quick twist, Lollipopter magically transforms from a “swirl” to a “burst” and back again in one amazingly elegant motion. To transform it, simply spin the handle and watch the magic unfold. To change it back, just spin it the other way. Intuitive, relaxing, fun, and… addictive! This product is great for kid and “kidults” alike. Put it in your bedroom or on your desk for coworkers to try out.

If you’re into performing magic and optical illusions for kids like me, do not miss out on the Wonder Wire. Gently hold and pull the two wires apart, and watch the magic unfold! The wires appear to be unwinding, but in fact, they never do. Keep pulling and the wires will turn in a never-ending spiral. This charming magic trick is intuitive to perform, making it a great toy for children and kids, and a fun fidget desktop accessory for adults.

Key Features:

  • The Mini Lollipopters are available in four specially prepared flavors:
    • Mango Fandango,
    • Sugar Plum Shuffle
    • Huckleberry Spin
    • Green Apple Turnover.

Can you collect all four flavors?

  • Impress your friends with the Wonder Wire and see if they can master it themselves.


Educational Benefits:

  • The design of this simply beautiful Lollipopter structure is derived from natural plant forms and utilizes mathematical concepts such as the Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio.
  • It also looks similar to the structure on the human DNA

Mini Lollipopter


Mini Lollipopter


Mini Lollipopter

Green Apple

Mini Lollipopter

Sugar Plum

Wonder Wire

Jun 20

Toyology Spotlight – Mini Micro Deluxe Kickboard

By Ben | Toyology Spotlight

Kick, Push & Coast with the Micro Mini Deluxe Kickboard Scooter


With school getting out and summer approaching, there is no better way to get outside then with a Micro Mini Kickboard Scooter. This scooter features a new adjustable T-bar to accommodate children as they grow, an anti-slip silicone deck and the smoothest, quietest lean-to-steer scooter on the market. Children steer by using their body weight to lean right and left, naturally learning how to turn, while developing the balance and coordination used in riding a normal bicycle along with many other sports.

Ride around with your friends and family or learn some awesome tricks with this award-winning Micro Scooter! Micro Mini Kickboard Scooter is the best-rated scooters for two to five year olds. Don’t think your child is ready? Check out the MINI2GO Deluxe, available with a ride-on attachment for 18 months +.

As a Toyologist, I recommend this scooter for its two front wheel stability, fixed handles bars and quick turns.  It is safe, fun and great exercise for any child!

Key Features:

  • New adjustable T-Bar to accommodate children as they grow
  • Smoothest lean-to-steer scooter
  • Anti-slip silicone deck with matching anodized T-Bar
  • Available models for 18 mo+

Educational Aspects:

  • Develop balance and coordination skills
  • Helps prepare a child to ride a bicycle
  • Great exercise

Mini Micro Deluxe Kickboard - Red

Mini Micro Deluxe Kickboard - Green

Mini Micro Deluxe Kickboard - Aqua