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Elyse has been with Toyology Toys since 2015. You can find her at Toyology Toys Royal Oak, West Bloomfield and Rochester Hills. Elyse is a mother of two and loves finding amazing children's books for our stores!

Oct 10

Toyology Spotlight – Glo Pals

By Elyse | Toyology Spotlight

Glo Pals are pure light up fun!


Glo Pals will absolutely light up your kids life! These small, magic cubes light up when they touch water. Use them in the bathtub or for spectacular water play. Wherever they are used they will instantly bring a smile to the little hands enjoying them. Each Glo Pal has a face on it, and will project that smiling face on the surroundings of the tub. These liquid-activated cubes are sure to make bathtime a fun, happy experience for everyone. Children will easily learn cause and effect because as soon as the Glo Pal is out of the water the light goes off. You never need to worry about forgetting to turn them off. Simply remove them from the water and they turn off.  The battery life for the Glo Pals are 8 hours– your little one will have loads of fun with them before they need a battery change.

Key Features:

  • Liquid-activated bath cubes make bathtime an absolute party! Fun in the tub or pull them out for a spectacular water play.
  • Each Glo Pal has a face and will smile on the surroundings of the tub.
  • 8 hours of battery life makes them ideal for lasting use and loads of fun.
  • Dim the lights and have a disco party atmosphere in the tub with these magic cubes.

Educational Aspects:

  • Liquid-activated light cubes teach children cause and effect. Dip them in the water and they turn on instantly. Take them out and they turn off!

  • Glo Pals are a sensory party in the tub. Children will be begging for their own personal light show.

Glo Pals

Green (Pippa)

Glo Pals

Red (Sammy)

Glo Pals

Purple (Lumi)

Glo Pals

Yellow (Alex)

Aug 29

Toyology Spotlight – Ditty Bird Books

By Elyse | Toyology Spotlight

A song and smile on every page!

I love these books and they are the book everyone needs, but didn’t know yet. Birth-nursery school [aged children] will fall in love with these musical and sound books. Each page has a tiny circle to activate the sound and music. The songs and sounds can be activated or immediately silenced with the simple touch of the dot on each page.

These board books are the perfect book for little hands or taking on the go in a purse, diaper bag or backpack. Take them anywhere and everywhere. Choose from many different sounds. Touch and feel sensory animal sounds, classical music, learning songs, bedtime songs, children’s songs, or your favorite nursery rhymes. There are so many wonderful options to choose from. We even have a great holiday book too. Each book has 6 or more different songs.

The company comes from Australia so each song is made even cuter with an adorable Australian accent. These books are a new favorite for everyone!

Key Features:

  • They play 6 or so songs! Great value.
  • Simply touch the music on button dot on each page to activate the sound. 
  • Easy to turn off. Simply touch the dot again to quickly silence.
  • Small size fits great in little hands as well as easy to throw in a diaper bag or purse. 
  • Animal sound ones are touch and feel as well for added sensory experience. 
  • Company is from Australia so the little voices have an Australian accent and that just makes them even cuter! 

Educational Benefits:

  • A simple touch of a button activates the song or sound which helps promote cause and effect for children.
  • Sing your favorite songs together and enjoy.

Ditty Bird - Classical Music

Ditty Bird - Farm Animal Sounds

Ditty Bird - Learning Songs

Mar 21

Toyology Spotlight – People Blocks Zoo Animals

By Elyse | Toyology Spotlight

Everyone loves a magnetic building toy!

People Blocks: Zoo Animals allows kids as young as 18 months to use their creativity to construct fun, silly, zoo animal creations. This set comes with 17 different shaped, colorful blocks that are both lightweight and easy to hold for tiny hands. Each block has a magnetic side with 4 easy to recognize circles. This easily helps kids identify the magnetic part of the block. Mix and match and create all sorts of silly animals or creations. Take them apart and let the building fun start again. I also love this new building set because it comes with a durable double-sided play mat for kids to place their animals in different areas of their imaginative zoo.

When I am picking out toys, I look for toys that have grow value. People Blocks: Zoo Animals has excellent grow value for different age ranges. As children grow and are able to do more, they can create more complex animals or creations. This fun magnetic building toy is a great buy for today knowing that it will be enjoyed for many tomorrows!

Key Features:

  • 17 different shaped colorful blocks that are lightweight and easy to hold even for the tiniest hand.
  • Safe and durable magnetic building for kids as young as 18 months old.
  • Encourages creativity as children grow and develop into more complex builders.

Educational Benefits:

  • Excellent building toy to encourage creativity with excellent play value as children continue to grow.
  • Helps teach young children to identify magnetics with safety and durability in mind.

People Blocks

Zoo Animals
17 PC. Set

Sep 27

Toyology Spotlight – Wall Climbing Car

By Elyse | Toyology Spotlight

The coolest remote control car you will ever use, HANDS DOWN!

Who doesn’t love a remote control car? They light up, they spin, they zoom fast; however, chances are your standard remote control car can’t drive on the wall, right? The Thumbs Up Wall Climbing Car can do just that, and it is absolutely AMAZING! Click the switch on the back of the car and set the car on the wall. Watch as it zooms up, spins and zooms in the opposite direction with the control of your fingers. This car has a floor feature as well so those who want a zooming floor experience do not miss out on that fun feature either.

I remember when my son first tried this car out. We all held our breath as we positioned the car on the wall. Was this really going to defy gravity and actually zoom up my living room wall? Sure enough, the tiny vacuum secured the car to my wall. My son’s eye opened wide (so did my husband’s, let’s be honest). A tiny smile turned into an ear to ear, open smile because we knew this was going to be awesome. Full disclosure here, my house has flat paint on the main floor. This basically means that every smudge, hand print, or mark shows up on my walls. I was thrilled to see that this wall climbing car not only amazed my family, but it did so without leaving one mark on my walls!

The remote used for control also has a charging cord built in; furthermore, no more separate AC chargers to search for when you need to charge the car. The wall climbing car is the perfect gift to marvel your car loving kid, and parents will think it’s so awesome they too will want a turn!

Key Features:

  • The Thumbs Up Wall Climbing Car can defy gravity and zoom up your walls without leaving any marks!
  • Easily switch from the floor setting to the wall setting with a single switch
  • Charge the car with the attached charger cord inside the remote. This means you won’t have to try to remember which cord will charge the car.
  • Sleek design is a crowd pleaser for kids and adults.

Educational Aspects:

  • The Wall Climbing Car is not only fun, but also great for hand eye coordination.
  • You control where the car goes there is no cause and effect toy more fun on the market.

Wall Climbing Car

Jul 19

Toyology Spotlight – Packable Packages

By Elyse | Toyology Spotlight

Packable Packages are the camp and summer travel MUST HAVE!

Sunblock by day and fireflies by night– summer is here and we are loving it! Since I was child summer and camp have always been linked together! As a child I loved going to camp. I loved the independence, making new friends and creating lasting memories; however, even the most seasoned camper still needs some TLC and some special camp surprises from home. As much as I loved camp, the down time is when I would become homesick. I just needed a little love and a little distraction to pull me away from my thoughts of home. As I pack my own child for an amazing summer camp experience, I am mindful of possible homesick moments or just a chance to bring a smile to her face with some surprises. Every summer I pack multiple envelopes with fun surprises and label when they should be opened throughout camp. Some of my packages will say “Open on the First Saturday” or “Open On The Second Saturday” “Open on the Bus Ride To Camp” “Open On the Bus Ride for Your Camping Trip” “Open if you Just Need A Little TLC”. Two years ago I began doing this for my own daughter, and that is where the idea of packable packages came from. I myself, a mom of two kids, have pulled out our large camp duffle bags and begun the exciting adventure of camp packing. I never zip those duffles without making sure my kids have a full supply of packable packages.

Many camps are doing away with allowing packages to be mailed to children while at summer camp. Packable packages allows you to still send the love and excitement of a package without ever having to stand in line at the post office again. All packable packages can be packed in their duffle bags or in a camp backpack.

At Toyology our toyologists will provide as many envelopes as you need in addition to recommending all the amazing items for all your favorite camper’s packable packages! Come into Toyology and you will see small white signs throughout the store that say TRAVEL CAMP READY. These tags are great suggestions of must have fun items for your packages. Whether it’s light up items, arts and crafts, sporty fun, activity books and mad libs, or fun stuff for the lake Toyology has it all!

Remember if you have any road trips or family vacations planned, packable packages are perfect for the car and plane!

Find our Travel & Camp Ready signs throughout all Toyology Toys for the best products for camp!

Fill your Packable Packages full of fun game and toys to combat homesickness during downtime.

Key Features:

  • Packable packages provides you with the envelopes and expert recommendations of latest most amazing camp toys, activity books, crafts and sporty items for your favorite camper to open while at camp.
  • Packable packages help distract homesick campers or campers who just want some extra fun surprises while away from home.
  • Packable packages make wonderful road trip or vacation packages for kids to open in the car or on a plane.
  • We can ship the packages for you from our store or you can pack them in some of our free envelopes we provide you. All envelope pack great in backpacks and duffle bags.

Arts & crafts Packable Package for the artsy girl!

Everything your child needs for fun at camp!

Jul 13

Section Spotlight: Camp Essentials

By Elyse | Toy Guides

This week, we’re spotlighting all things essential for camp! You can find everything from crafts, stickers and stationary to travel friendly activities and games. Look for our Camp & Travel Ready signs throughout our stores to find everything you need to pass them time and keep homesickness at bay at camp!

Summer Camp Journal

Spino's - Solos

Waboba Surf

Tribute Kendama

Buddha Board - Mini

Unicorn Snot

Glitter Scented Gel Pens



 1000+ Stickers Ridiculously Cute Sticker Book


Thumb Chucks


Mad Libs

May 02

Toyology Spotlight – Slackers Ninja Line

By Elyse | Toyology Spotlight

Ninja Warriors meets your own backyard!

After a long cold Michigan winter we are beyond thrilled to welcome spring sunshine and warmer weather! As a mother of two kids, cooped up all winter, I am ready for some good old fashion outside fun! Getting our children outside not only helps with some much needed vitamin D, but it also helps our kids release some of that stir crazy energy and gives them much needed exercise.


The Slackers Ninja Line allows you to mix extreme backyard fun with the ever growing popularity of being a Ninja Warrior. Swing from rings and bars, or mix in various attachments such as a climbing rope or a ninja ladder. For the professionals or ones looking for a challenge, elevate your skills with the Ninja Pro Line. With warmer weather and longer days finally here the Slacker Ninja Line is a backyard must!

Key Features:

  1. Train like the American Ninja Warriors on TV in your very own backyard by yourself or with your friends.
  2. Multiple attachments allow the fun to continue and the challenge to increase.
  3. Build core strength while enjoying the outside sunshine.
  4. Kid and adult aspiring ninja warriors can enjoy the backyard fun — The maximum weight is 250lbs.
  5. Portable! Take to the park or on your next camping trip!

Educational Aspects:

  1. Extreme gross motor fun for everyone. Children as young as 5 years old can join in the Ninja Warrior fun.
  2. Build confidence as you get stronger and complete challenges.
  3. Develop core strength as while having a blast.

Ninja Line

Mar 23

Top Toys for Fine Motor Development

By Elyse | Power Of Play , Toy Guides

I remember when my son’s kindergarten teacher told me that we needed to work on improving his fine motor development…

I was told get some fun scrapbook scissors and have him cut wrapping paper. Just one problem, my son did not want to cut wrapping paper. What now I thought. Clearly this simple sounding task was challenging for my son, and he had zero desire to practice something that was difficult for him. I then realized if I was going to improve my son’s fine motor I had to make it fun and enjoyable. This was when I was able to see the true power of play.

I walked into a local toy store and found all kinds of amazing toys that were engaging and stimulating for my son while at the same time providing fine motor development. My son played for hours and hours with these amazing toys, all while working on an area that he struggled with. When we as parents can incorporate play into the equation the solution becomes less daunting.  My son is now in second grade and he still regularly plays with these toys. I see him enjoying these toys and feel comforted that he enjoys them while also continuing to develop his fine motor skills.

After I experienced this breakthrough of the power of play in this area I could find other ways to involve “Play” to help with other subjects such as math and even spelling. I now incorporate all sorts of games and toys to help both my children further develop areas where they need a little extra help. The work becomes positive and I even find my children looking forward to what I have in store for them next.

Featured Products:

  • Practice strengthening pencil grip with an easy to hold magnetic stylus
  • Child can create fun designs with mess free magnetic balls
  • Uppercase, Lowercase and Numbers and glow in the dark boards available
  • Fun tactile experience allows child to erase the creations with the touch of a finger
  • Mess free: use in car, at the table or on the couch



Magnatab (Uppercase Letters)

Plus Plus
  • Strengthen pincer grasp while strengthening creativity and innovation
  • Plastic puzzle pieces connect together to make 2D or 3D designs and creations
  • Throw them on the kitchen table while you are making dinner or waiting for food to come at a restaurant
  • Bright colors, camouflage, pastels, and neon colors available appeal to all children

Learn To Build Set

Boogie Board
  • Draw, write and create with a stylus or other texture tools on an electronic pad
  • Children will want to draw and create all while developing better pinch grip
  • Erase with the touch of a button and start the creating again

Scribble N Play

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
  • Silicone based putty that never dries out, stretch, bounce pull and play while developing and strengthening pinch grip
  • Place beads, coins, marbles and other small items into the putty and have kids discover all hidden in the putty — excellent pincer grasp activity that will keep children entertained all while developing hand coordination and manual dexterity

Mixed By Me Holographic Thinking Putty Kit

Melissa & Doug
  • Activity book with age appropriate scissors
  • Cut fun items like pizza slices, watermelon pieces and shapes of a house
  • Simple to more complex cutting designs allows kids to grow as they become stronger in developing scissor skills while still having fun

Scissor Skills Activity Pad

  • Grip strength development practice pressing and pulling all important for fine motor
  • Silicone suction fun with unlimited building opportunities! Even create giant letters with the squigs
  • Stick on the wall, glass, bathtub, other squigs, or even your forehead

Starter Set

  • Build and create with fun modern colorful interlocking sticks
  • Strengthening pinch grip with fun, creativity, and building
  • Different sets some include bendable pieces or wheels

Master Set

Too often we think of a time for play and a time for work. I have now realized that when I can mesh those two together my goal can be achieved in a fun, successful and more impactful way.

Mar 15

Books for Girls by Elyse and Ava Cohen

By Elyse | Toy Guides

“I firmly believe that when we as parents can instill in children the magic and joy of reading, we open up a world of endless discovery.”

I have an 11 year old daughter, Ava, and I want her to grow up to be a strong woman. Look around at our changing society, and there has never been a more relevant time to raise our girls to be strong women. When society or people tell our daughters “you can’t” I want them to stop and think YES I can! I want my daughter to know that when you hear this, that  just means you push harder and prove them wrong. There are no limits to what our girls can do–they will change the world. This starts by raising them to really believe that important message! Below are four remarkable books that I have had to the privilege of sharing with my daughter, and we are better for it! Below is a brief description of why I love these books, as well as, my daughter’s words describing why she loves them too.

She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton

Elyse: Everytime I read the first page of this picture book I get goosebumps because the message is so clear and says everything, as a mother, I want my daughter to hear. Throughout American history, there have been times when women have fought to be heard and stand up for what they believe in. When everyone in society said sit down and be quiet, these 13 women persisted and refused to be silenced. These women changed our country and the world because of their perseverance. Perhaps the best part of sharing these with my daughter was when she stopped on the 9th woman and looked and me and said, “Mom, this book is amazing!” Yes, a thousand times, yes!

Ava: I really enjoyed reading about women in our history who persisted through challenges and believed in themselves. These 13 women believed they could do anything, and they did not let anyone tell them “you can’t”. It’s a lesson for anyone who reads this book that they should believe in themselves and never give up.

She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton

Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann Shen

Elyse: For your daughters ready for more than a picture book, this fabulous collection of 100 revolutionary women who changed everything by being what some would consider bad, is the perfect book. These women were anything but bad; they were and are extraordinary. Women going back as far as Cleopatra or as relevant today as Tina Fey have all made their mark in history. Each page is another amazing woman we were able to discover together. All of these women were and continue to be pioneers and role models for our girls to find inspiration. I was surprised by how many women I didn’t know about. I loved watching my daughter’s eyes open wide as she explored the women who not only made, but also continue to make this world a better place.

Ava: I think all the women in this book are role models to girls around the world who want to do the impossible. At times we might be discouraged, laughed at, or told that we can’t do the impossible. This book reminds me that I should still try and not let others bring my dreams down.

Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann Shen

Strong Is The New Pretty by Kate T. Parker

Elyse: Every girl needs a copy of this on their bookshelf or next to their bed. This book gives me so much inspiration and so much hope.  Everywhere we look we are inundated with messages and images of what “pretty” looks like. I love this book because the focus is on being strong and the images of these strong girls and women are absolutely beautiful. I can think of no better message for my daughter to see and hear. Strong is so much more than lifting weights or running a marathon. This book celebrates and explores what strength really means. Strong means being fierce, being kind, being confident, being determined, being resilient, being fearless and being independent. The first page of each chapter highlights these examples of real strength in the truest sense of the word. I see this strength all the time in my daughter and that makes her beautiful both inside and out.

Ava: I think this book shows that us that pretty isn’t just about looks. Pretty is courage, kindness, creativity, determination, and independence. Your inner qualities, and not your looks make you pretty.

Strong Is The New Pretty by Kate T. Parker

Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter, A No-Stress, No Rules-Journal, Meredith and Sophie Jacobs

Elyse: Doing this journal with my daughter has been one of the highlights of being a mother. This journal is really just between us only. These pages are a safe place for us both to be honest, silly and vulnerable. The journal has bonded me with my daughter in so many different ways. I have learned so much about her, and in turn she has really learned so much about me. The journal is a back and forth format with one side for mom to fill out and one side for the daughter. Some pages have prompts, quizzes or pictures for us to draw.  Other pages have free space for us to write letters to each other back and forth. I find myself opening up to her, and her opening up to me. I look forward to seeing the journal on my pillow (that means it’s my turn to read what she wrote and fill out my new entry). I find that there are some topics or things that can be difficult to talk about; however, writing them down can be easier and sometimes a safer way to “talk.” I hope that as my daughter grows up and faces more difficult challenges she will feel that she can come talk to me either verbally or through the pages of our journal. I will always treasure this book and how it has made us have an even closer mother-daughter bond.

Ava: This journal has taught me more interesting things about my mom. Many of these things I would not have even known to ask about. I have learned about what my mom was like when she was my age too. I have also been able to tell my mom things I would not have had the courage to bring up without this journal. I also really like that it is just for my mom and I (not my brother ?).

Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter, A No-Stress, No Rules Journal by Meredith and Sophie Jacobs
Feb 05

Toyology Spotlight – Bang! Boom! Roar! A Busy Crew of Dinosaurs!

By Elyse | Toyology Spotlight

ABCs, Rhyming, Trucks & Dinosaurs!

I LOVE the book Bang! Boom! Roar! A Busy Crew of Dinosaurs by Nate Evans and Stephanie Gwyn Brown. This book will become a must-have favorite for anyone who loves dinosaurs, trucks, and construction. Every page is packed with fabulous, silly, detailed illustrations of dinosaurs working a construction site with all your favorite trucks.


Bang! Boom! Roar! A Busy Crew of Dinosaurs!

by Nate Evans & Stephanie Gwyn Brown

My kids loved the silly, fun rhyming ABC’s with a hidden letter to find as you explore each page.  Construction work can be a hard job, but not for these dinosaurs! By the time you reach the last page of this book you see the construction job was to build an amazing playground fit for all the dinosaurs to enjoy.  This book is a favorite in my house, and will be a favorite for kids and the dinosaur and truck loving kid in every adult!