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Leslie has been with Toyology Toys since 2016. You can find her at Toyology Toys Bloomfield Hills. Leslie loves making things and being crafty!

Nov 14

Toyology Spotlight – Watchitude

By Leslie | Toyology Spotlight

Watches with attitude for kids!

As a collectible, kids can seek out unique designs that show off their attitude. Every design is a limited edition and will be retired as new designs are created. Each Watchitude is built to last, made with a quality analog quartz movement, splashproof, with durable Zinc alloy casing, using a standard and replaceable 1-year battery. Their patented process creates a hi-gloss, durable finish of a beautifully printed image on the slap watch band and face, that never fades or peels.

Key Features:

  • These are collectible and tradable. Find them all!
  • Encourages kids to learn how to read analog clocks.
  • Made with quality parts for a long-lasting, splashproof watch.
  • Great for accessorizing any outfit you choose

Educational Benefits:

  • Watchitude is a great way for parents to teach their kids how to tell time.

Watchitude - Dog Emoji

Watchitude - Princess Unicorn

Watchitude - Build Up

Watchitude - Skater

Aug 15

Toyology Spotlight – Doodlematic

By Leslie | Toyology Spotlight

Amaze your friends and family by turning your drawings into playable video games!

What if I told you that your kids could not only draw on paper with markers like the traditional entertainment, but they can turn their doodles into the games they’ve always dreamed of right at home? Doodlematic is the most affordable, fun mobile game maker.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Just draw your game, take a photo in the app, and play! It’s that simple!
You can up your creativity by using more than markers to create your game…try using things like licorice, toys, modeling clay and more! All you have to do is be sure to use the right colors and your ready to play. Doodlematic makes game designs convenient and fun! Doodlematic offers several educational editions that are appropriate for any age and experience level.

Key Features:

  • Hand-drawn images come to life
  • Makes learning fun
  • Share your games with your friends and family

Educational Benefits:

  • Grows with your child
  • Promotes creativity
  • Strengthens logical thinking

Doodlematic Starter Kit

Mar 07

Toyology Spotlight – Craft-tastic Make Together Family Bowl

By Leslie | Toyology Spotlight

Fun for all…gather the family and make something you’ll cherish forever!

This is a great craft to do with the whole family. Not only are you making a beautiful decorative bowl, but you are also making time for each other and great memories in the process. This is a craft for all ages, everyone can participate. It’s easy to make. The kit provides the prompts, paper circles, and glue. Sample prompts: What do you love about your family? What’s your favorite vacation? Your sweetest memory?
Once the bowl is finished, it’s a great decorative, conversation-starter when family and friends come over.

Key Features:

  • Great family time craft: not only are you making a beautiful decorative bowl, but you’re also making time for each other and sweet memories in the process.
  • Everyone can participate: what do you love about your family? what’s your favorite vacation? Your sweetest memory? Here’s your chance to tell them.
  • Easy to make: we provide the prompts, paper circles, and glue, and the rest is up to you.


Educational Benefits:

  • Encourages visual-spatial skills
  • Encourages creativity
  • Encourages family bonding
  • An activity that doesn’t require a device


Make Together Family Bowl

Jan 31

Toyology Spotlight – Unicorn Hoodie Blanket

By Leslie | Toyology Spotlight

What’s more magical than a unicorn-hooded blanket? A unicorn-hooded blanket you make yourself!

This kit has everything your child needs to create something they will love and be proud of. Includes pre-cut fleece, metallic thread, sewing needle, polyester filling, instructions and more. I love that this craft project is functional, as well. This time of the year, it’s always nice to have something to wrap around you and keep you cozy. Crafting this one-of-a-kind Unicorn Hoodie Blanket is not only fun, but is also a stimulating cognitive and challenge for kids!

Key Features:

  • Tween girls will love crafting and then lounging in this beautiful fleece knotted blanket with a unicorn hood.  Who knew learning to sew could be so much fun!
  • This unicorn hoodie makes great gifts for girls and tweens, helping them to develop skills that will allow them to succeed as the future leaders and makers of tomorrow.
  • Every Make It Real product is tested to the highest toy and cosmetic safety standards, or we do not ship it.

Educational Benefits:

  • Develops Fine Motor Skills and Hand Dexterity: focuses on the use and coordination of small muscles in the wrist, hand, and fingers to perform activities like writing, sketching, painting, and more.

  • Visual Skills: focuses on hand-eye coordination and visual perception required for tasks such as cutting, sketching a two-dimensional image from a 3D object, and the ability to recall an image seen previously.

  • Gross Motor Skills: focuses on large muscle groups for movement and activity, like running, jumping, and balancing.
  • Motor Planning: includes the ability to sequence and carry out an activity from idea to completion.

Unicorn Hoodie Blanket

Melissa & Doug

Created by Me
Striped Fleece

Melissa & Doug

Created by Me 
Butterfly Fleece

Nov 01

Toyology Spotlight – Surfloor Liquid Tiles

By Leslie | Toyology Spotlight

Bright liquid cosmic colors beneath your feet that move with every move, step and jump!

Each unique tile is filled with the perfect match of color and liquid to create an astonishing display of bubbles, streams, and pools that react to your footsteps. These tiles are new to the USA but have already become a hit throughout Europe.  These are a must-have for schools, retail stores, hotels, bars, restaurants, museums, offices, kids playrooms, bedrooms and more. These tiles stimulate sensory and perceptual development while being mesmerizing for all. Bring your kids into any Toyology store to try these out and watch their faces light up!

Key Features:

  • Available in 4 different colors
  • 19 ½” x 19 ½” of colorful fun
  • Great conversation piece
  • Adds a uniqueness to any room they’re in
  • Leak-proof
  • Anti-slip foam layer on the backside
  • Super durable for years of use

Educational Aspects:

  • Stimulates sensory development
  • Stimulates perceptual development
  • Great sensory tool

Surfloor Liquid Tiles - Green

Surfloor Liquid Tiles - Orange

Surfloor Liquid Tiles - Purple

Spooner Freestyle

Spooner Pro

Aug 09

Toyology Spotlight – Boogie Board

By Leslie | Toyology Spotlight

No more wasting paper and searching for pens!


Boogie Boards are a eco-friendly eWriters that eliminate the need for paper and pens.  They are perfectly portable writing devices.

The Magic Sketch Boogie Board and Play ‘n Trace with their see-through screens are great visual learning (tracing letters, numbers, even your favorite cartoon characters!). The Magic Sketch is a smaller version and writes in rainbow colors. Play n Trace has an artist palette design that may make it easier for little ones to hold onto.  

Scribble ‘n Play Boogie Board comes with 4 styluses that create different writing effects and snap right onto the board securely enough that they won’t get lost, but can easily be removed by little ones themselves. Kids will love to see their writing and artwork on the screen in the bright rainbow colors.

The Jot 8.5 Boogie Board comes with a stylus that doubles as a kickstand to keep it upright hands-free.  

Each of these Boogie Boards have a free mobile app that can be downloaded using your smartphone or tablet so you can scan, save and share your creations.  One touch of a button and the screen is erased and ready for new fun!

Key Features:

  • Portable – perfect for travel, trips to restaurants and office visits
  • Can be used for educational purposes and as a creative outlet
  • Free mobile app scans drawings using your smartphone or tablet camera so they can be saved and shared
  • Simply press the button to erase and start over
  • Scan, share and save drawings, lists, poems, etc that were created

Educational Aspects:

  • Helps children learn penmanship
  • Bolsters creativity
  • Keeps children “unplugged”

Boogie Board

Scribble n Play

Boogie Board

Play n Trace

Boogie Board
Magic Sketch

Jun 27

Toyology Spotlight – Superkid In Training

By Leslie | Toyology Spotlight

There’s a Superhero inside every child just waiting to come out…let it out with Superkid in Training!


Your child can become a hero with their imagination and Superkid in Training, the action-packed fun obstacle course for Little Heroes.  Kit includes 10 double-sided and over-sized illustrated activity cards that guide children on their training journey and make it easy to create a different course each time, as well as these props: foam ball, target, wristbands, lightning bolt and most importantly – Super Mask and Super Cape!  Each station builds super skills like strength, agility and even Secret Powers!

Rain or shine, your SuperKid will be able to train their inner superhero skills such as, spinning like a tornado, leap tall building and shrinking to their tiniest size.  

Key Features:

  • The course can be completed by one child on their own, or with up to five friends
  • Can create a different course each time, including adding more challenge by simply increasing the size of the course, or simplifying the course if needed.
  • Keeps kids active and unplugged from devices

Educational Aspects:

  • Builds self esteem
  • Great exercise disguised in fun activities
  • Builds their skills of taking turns and kindness as they cheer on their fellow superkids

Superkid In Training

Apr 25

Toyology Spotlight – Orb Molecules

By Leslie | Toyology Spotlight

Orb Molecules are the latest craze in crafting!

Create anything you can imagine with the unlimited connection points of atoms, neutrons, and electrons with Orb Molecules. Thousands of Orb Molecules in multiple sizes and colors are included in each set. Bond them together to make magnificent creations! They hold their shape until you chose to deconstruct and start all over again. Orb Molecules are completely reusable and never dry out! Orb Molecules only sticks to itself, so clean up is a breeze. Storage tray is included. Orb Molecules have the power of creativity that fosters a sense of awe, wonder and self-esteem in kids.  The creations that can be made with Orb Molecules are limitless.  These sets of colorful molecules are perfect to keep you and your children creating for hours.  


Key Features:

  1. Orb Molecules never dry out
  2. Can be used over and over again
  3. You can build almost anything your mind can imagine
  4. Gluten free and Phthalate free

Educational Aspects:

  1. Helps to build imagination
  2. Fosters creativity
  3. Builds self-esteem
  4. Combining science and creativity for a new aspect in learning

Molecules Caticorn

Molecules Dragasaur

Molecules Merkitty

Molecules Star

Jan 30

Toyology Spotlight – Craft-tastic Empower Poster Kit

By Leslie | Toyology Spotlight

Celebrate yourself and all that you are!

Make a poster that describes you and will remind you every day just how fabulous you are. Or give it as a gift to promote self esteem and crafting fun. This kit includes everything you need: poster board, water-based glue, tissue squares and 3 pages of empowering words. You can also use other craft supplies you have onhand:  glitter, paint, sequins, rhinestones, markers, ribbon, washi tape, even add some of your own empowering words…the possibilities are endless.



The Empower Poster Kit

Key Features

  1. Allows you to celebrate yourself and all that you are!
  2. Great activity for kids and adults.
  3. Can be made alone or in a group – each poster is uniquely different, just like the people who create them.
  4. This fabulous kit is created by a local mom
Dec 04

Toyology Spotlight – Illustory

By Leslie | Toyology Spotlight

What better gift to give this holiday season than the gift of creativity and self esteem with Illustory?

Illustory is the perfect gift for book lovers and storytellers.  This kit includes everything your budding author/illustrator will need to create their very own book and make them a PUBLISHED AUTHOR…ready-to-use cover template pages, guide book, instructions, 10 color markers, postage paid envelope and order form.

illustory make a book kit

Once completed, your child will have created a full color 20 page professionally printed hardcover book and be an actual published author!  Imagine the pride and accomplishment they will feel when they receive their finished book in their hands!  Illustory is a gift that builds self esteem, fosters creativity and strengthens literacy skills.  It’s also the gift that keeps on giving…order extra copies for grandparents, aunt and uncles, as they make a great keepsake gift.  There is even an About the Author option where the author can have their picture and information about them on the back cover, as well as a choice to have a Dedication page at the beginning of the book.  

Illustory has earned over 18 awards, including 2017 Mom’s Choice Award and 2017 Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Creative Toys Award.

This is also a great gift for adults, as well.  Everyone has a story to tell!



illustory creations

Key Features

  1. Kit contains EVERYTHING needed to create their book
  2. Fuels creativity and strengthens literacy skills

  3. Wonderful keepsake for author and family members/friends

  4. Award-winning gift – over 18 awards

  5. Recipient of this gift will be an actual PUBLISHED author!  What an accomplishment!