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Jul 05

Toyology Spotlight – Morfboard

By Stephanie | Toyology Spotlight

Morfboard: The 2 in 1 Scooter Skateboard


The perfect toy for active kids, Morfboard is an interchangeable scooter and skateboard for ages eight and up. It only takes a few seconds to switch between the scooter and skateboard, there are no tools required! The scooter handlebar is adjustable, so it will grow with your child. There are also additional extension packs, such as a balance board, that are compatible with the board.

Key Features:

  • Morfboard is an interchangeable scooter and skateboard.
  • Perfect for active children ages eight and up.
  • No tools required to switch between the scooter and skateboard.
  • Adjustable scooter handlebar.

Educational Aspects:

  • Helps develop gross motor skills, balance and coordination.
  • Encourages kids to get outside and be active!

Skate/Scoot Deck

Apr 10

Top Games for Family Friendly Fun!

By Stephanie | Toy Guides

PLAY is our #1 goal. Here are our favorite games to make family time enjoyable and beneficial for everyone!

Pool Party by Blue Orange Games

Beat the heat with Pool Party, a summer-themed game of balance and fun for ages six and up! Players take turns launching their divers into the wobbly pool but be careful that the other divers don’t spill out! The first player to successfully land three divers in the pool wins. Play this easy-to-learn and quick-to-play game with two to four players.

  • Exercises hand-eye coordination
  • Works on fine motor skills



Pool Party

Tapple by USAopoly

Tapple is a fast-paced word game (with no spelling required!) for ages eight and up. Each round begins by selecting a category card. With every turn, each player has ten seconds to think of a word in the chosen category that begins with one of the available letters on the Tapple wheel. The excitement and challenge builds as letters on the wheel are used up. Players are eliminated if they cannot think of a unique word within their ten second turn. The last player left standing wins. Meant for two to eight players, this game is perfect for family game night or as a party game!

  • Works on memory skills
  • Requires quick thinking
  • Builds vocabulary skills without any spelling required
  • Play without the timer for new or young players


Happy Salmon by North Star Games

Happy Salmon is an active, easy-to-learn, fast-paced card game for ages six and up. Each Happy Salmon deck contains four different action cards. Each player calls out the action shown on their top card and finds another player with the same card. Once two players match, they discard their card. The first player to discard all of their cards wins! Play with up to six players or get a second pouch to play with up to twelve players. This game is fun for both kids and adults and is perfect for traveling, parties, family gatherings, or as an ice breaker activity!

  • Exercises communication and listening skills
  • Works on large motor skills
  • Requires quick thinking and fast movement
  • Make it more challenging by playing silently!

Happy Salmon

Qwirkle by Mindware

Qwirkle is a tile matching game for ages six and up. The wooden Qwirkle tiles have different combinations of shapes and colors. Players must place a tile by matching their tile to the color or shape of the tiles in play already. Players earn points up each time they add a tile and if a player completes a line of six tiles they score a Qwirkle! Qwirkle is easy to learn and made for two to four players.

  • Works on logic skills and strategic thinking
  • High replay value
  • Fun for kids and adults!


Tricky Trunks by Blue Orange Games

Reminiscent of Hungry Hungry Hippos, Tricky Trunks is a quick and colorful game for ages five and up. Players first draw a challenge card and then use the elephant trunks to collect colorful balls according to the rules of the card. The challenges include picking up all the balls of one color, picking up specific combinations of balls, and more. This game is meant for two to four players and is perfect for family game night, play dates, or rainy days!

  • Exercises hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Works on following directions and memory skills
  • Play with multiple players or use the challenge cards for a single player version!

Tricky Trunks

Kingdomino & Queendomino by Blue Orange Games

Kingdomino is dominos with a twist and is a perfect game for budding strategy game enthusiasts. Players must use the domino tiles to build a kingdom within a 5×5 square. Points are earned by acquiring domino tiles with crowns. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins! Queendomino is the more complex version of Kingdomino. The game is played the same way but with additional steps such as collecting property tax and building houses. Both games are fun for kids and adults and are meant for two to four players.

  • Exercises spatial reasoning skills
  • Works on strategic thinking
  • Combine the tiles from both games to expand the kingdom size!



Mar 28

Toyology Spotlight – Sling Stix

By Stephanie | Toyology Spotlight

Not your average toss and catch game!

Sling Stix is a unique suction cup-powered toss-and-catch toy for ages six and up. Each set comes with one ball and two suction-cup arms. Simply catch the incoming ball on the suction cup and fling it to your partner by pressing the suction release trigger. This game is perfect for the backyard, basement, beach, pool, or park and it can be played solo or with a partner. The price point is low and the play value is high!


Key Features:

  1. Sling Stix is a unique suction cup-powered toss-and-catch toy for ages six and up.
  2. It is perfect for the backyard, basement, beach, pool, or park!
  3. You can play it solo or with a partner.
  4. It has a great price point and high play value.

Educational Aspects:

  1. Great for developing hand-eye coordination
  2. Encourages cooperative play and independent play
  3. Fun way to get kids active indoors and outdoors all year round

Sling Stix

Jan 16

Toys That Inspire

By Stephanie | Power Of Play

The gender gap in the field of engineering is no secret. But just how large is it? According to the National Science Foundation, women represent a mere 13% of the engineering workforce. The field also has a shockingly low retention rate for female engineers, leading to recent efforts to emphasize STEM in K-12 settings.

Across the K-12 grades, NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) math and science scores do not differ drastically between boys and girls. In addition, a study by the Girl Scouts of America found that a majority of girls are interested in STEM subjects and their associated skills. So with similar test scores and high interest levels, why does the gender gap in engineering still persist? The short answer: STEM subjects and activities are oftentimes not designed to engage girls in meaningful and relatable ways, leaving them feeling alienated and discouraged.

Toys might not be the first solution that comes to mind to engage girls in engineering, however, there are a variety of toys on the market (often created by female engineers!) that are designed to do just that. Check out a few of my favorites below.

Makey Makey

Makey Makey kits transform conductive household items such as bananas, tin foil, and pans into a computer keyboard, which allows them to control computer programs (ex. a banana becomes the space bar). The Makey Makey website provides dozens of project ideas including a banana piano and DIY arcade games. The imagination is the limit!

Build & Imagine: Draw & Build Dollhouse

Build & Imagine Founder Laurie Peterson noticed a lack of building toys for girls, so she created Build & Imagine kits, which are a combination of building blocks, dollhouses and dress-up. Each kit comes with wooden magnetic building panels and wooden dolls, which connect to form 3D storyboards reminiscent of dollhouses. The kits emphasize engineering skills such as spatial reasoning and problem solving while also encouraging creativity.


Bloxels is a video-game invention kit for ages eight and up. Using the gameboard and blocks, young gamers begin by designing the layout and characters of their game. The app then transforms the designs into a playable video game! With a dose of both creativity and gaming, Bloxels is the perfect introduction to video game design for the young gamer in your life.

Plus Plus

Exercise your imagination with Plus Plus! Plus Plus is a creative building toy and each piece is the same double plus shape, which allows for endless building possibilities. Plus Plus kits come in a wide range of sizes and colors and each kit comes with a pamphlet of building ideas. From animals and people to flowers and houses, there is no limit on what you can build with Plus Plus!

Conduct Dough

Conduct Dough is a fun and creative introduction to circuits. Make different pictures with the dough (ideas included!) and place the lights just right to complete the circuit. If completed correctly, the lights on your dough creation will light up! A mix of creativity and circuitry, this kit is perfect for kids ages five and up.

Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry

Science meets crafts with this unique jewelry making kit! Start by watching the crystals grow overnight and then transform them into your own jewelry by adding watercolor paint. Perfect for ages eight and up, each kit comes with all the supplies you need to make multiple necklaces, rings, pins, and earrings. 

Jan 16

Toyology Spotlight – Strong Is The New Pretty

By Stephanie | Toyology Spotlight

A celebration of girls being their fearless, silly, authentic selves…

If you are looking for a book to inspire a young girl in your life, look no further than Strong Is the New Pretty! Each page shows different girls being themselves: silly, messy, athletic, strong, and proud. With over 175 powerful photographs and quotes, this book has no shortage of inspiration!


Strong Is The New Pretty (Paperback)

Key Features

  1.  Over 175 powerful photographs and quotes
  2. Celebrates girls being themselves
  3. Perfect for girls of all ages
Dec 26

Toyology Spotlight – Build & Imagine Draw & Build Dollhouse

By Stephanie | Toyology Spotlight

Building, Drawing, Storytelling and more!

Build & Imagine Founder Laurie Peterson noticed a lack of building toys geared towards girls, so she created Build & Imagine kits, which are a combination of building blocks, dollhouses and dress-up. Each kit comes with building panels and wooden dolls that connect to form 3D storyboards reminiscent of dollhouses. The kits emphasize engineering skills such as spatial reasoning and problem solving while also encouraging creativity.


The Build & Imagine Draw and Build Dollhouse comes with a series of magnetic dry-erase board panels that connect to form different structures. Kids can use the four included dry erase markers to design and redesign the panels and the doll for hours of endless fun! Each kit comes with a cloth eraser for hassle-free clean up. Perfect for kids ages three and up who like building, drawing, storytelling, and dolls.

“The simple act of combining shapes to form a three dimensional structure helps kids to develop foundation skills for STEM. Skills like spatial reasoning, problem solving, creativity and design.”

– Laurie Peterson, Founder of Build & Imagine

Build & Imagine 

Draw & Build Dollhouse

Key Features

  1. The answer to the lack of building toys gear for girls
  2. Combines building, storytelling and dolls
  3. Exercises imagination, creativity and engineering skills
  4. This product is great for ages 3+