We Had To Make This Dream Come True…

By Aric Klar | Power Of Play

Nov 15

Toyology Toys Helps Little League Football Team Make It To The Championships!

A few weeks ago, I was sitting on my couch with my wife and saw a story on the news about a group of young kids, ages 6-14, who had won the Pop Warner Michigan championship. The story was about the win, but also on how they could not make it to the Midwest Championship game due to lack of funds. Immediately I felt compelled to call Fox 2 and be a part of this story and help these kids turn this into a reality.

On Tuesday November 14th at 1:30 the Toyology Toys team headed down to a park in Detroit to surprise these kids and their coaches with the final $2,000 needed to get to the championship game this Friday.
Long story short, these kids will be playing on Friday in Indianapolis. We are so warmed by their emotional acknowledgment of wanting to succeed in football and in life. We got to throw the ball around and talk to the coaches (who were very emotional). This felt right and when things feel right you give back.
All of our amazing customers also deserve recognition, without you all none of this is possible.

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Photos by Leah Dale

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Aric Klar is owner, co-founder and CEO of Toyology Toys

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Jonathan Klar November 17, 2017


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