Crafting and Creating Memories

By Dana Gorman | Power Of Play

May 13

Our youngest son just had his birthday party and he received tons of nice gifts.

He received remote control cars, tons of LEGOs (which happen to be his current favorite), books, action figures, and more. We’ve spent much time creating LEGO masterpieces with the directions provided, and he takes turns playing with the other toys he’s received also. When night time comes, the toys get put away, and there is almost no sign of what the day was all about. Who am I kidding? Nothing really gets put away but you know what I mean, right….

As I walk around my house, I see the vases, the picture frames, the flower pots, all the treasures that he made at school. I also see the treasures that we’ve made together. Some of my favorite times with my children are the times we spend creating a masterpiece and making lasting memories that we can remember and actually see around our home.

Empower Poster Kit

Dana's son creating his Empower Poster ?: Dana Gorman

Finished product. ?: Dana Gorman

At the top of my favorite projects list is the Empower Poster Kit he received. As a six-year-old, it is definitely a project he needed help with, but that was the perfect opportunity for us to talk about all of the amazing characteristics he has and demonstrates in all aspects of his life. Talking about such powerful words, such as, empathetic, witty, and courageous provided many opportunities to build his vocabulary while identifying examples of his behavior that makes him such an amazing human being. He now has a super powerful and visually appealing poster in his room that we created together and be a constant reminder of his greatness! This has also made it to my list of “great graduation gifts” because what teenager can’t benefit from reminding themselves about all of the great characteristics they portray!

Comic Book Kit

Speaking of teenagers…even though they still like toys, many also enjoy reading. There are so many ways to create a book – good old paper and staples can create a perfect way for anyone to create an original story, and if you add construction paper, then you have a colorful masterpiece. To get a more official book, check out the Illustory or the Comic Book Kit to help with the project. It’s a great way for you and your child to work together to create their own story or comic book for you to read together for years to come. Children are master storytellers; why not let them become authors of a book that can get published and become a reality.


As the weather is getting nicer, and we are outside more and more, I look forward to making memories outside. Each new day is a chance to do something fun with your child that will build a new memory. There are so many amazing ways to create memories with kids through experiences and moments that are etched in your brain, caught on camera or video, and through crafts and projects that you do together that find their way into that special spot in your home.

About the Author

Dana Gorman is a wife, a mother to three amazing sons and a full-time Speech Language Pathologist. She works in the school setting with students aged 4-18. She loves her family, her job and toys!