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By Elyse Gilbert | Toyology Toys Contributors

Jun 25

Toyology Toys: Tell us a little about yourself.

Elyse Gilbert: I’m a resident of West Bloomfield, and have two grown daughters, a son-in-law and three grandchildren. I’m passionate about pro/college sports, art, movies, books, architecture and music. One of my favorite solo activities is tackling a 1,000 piece puzzle from Toyology!

Elyse's office.

"I camp out here, even when I’m not working, to look out at the creek. Lots of wildlife run by!" 

Toyology Toys: What is your occupation?

Elyse: I wear many hats! I am an ADHD Coach, a multi-sensory remediator for individuals with specific language disabilities, and an educational consultant.

Toyology Toys: Why are you interested in contributing to Toyology Toys?

Elyse:  I’d like customers to recognize that much of Toyology’s stock provides more than sheer entertainment. I’ve been purchasing games and puzzles from the Klars for many years for my practice, as well as gifts for friends and family. I’d like to share my knowledge about some of the “cool benefits” found at Toyology.

Toyology Toys: What do you love about toys?

Elyse:  I love that many toys, especially those at Toyology, often provide fun and entertainment for the entire family. In addition, toys can serve as the catalyst for allowing kids to express creativity. Often, the added bonus is that a toy  can teach/reinforce a skill, utilize problem-solving skills or empower a child to feel a sense of accomplishment (figuring out a puzzle or winning a game!).

Toyology Toys: What does the “power of play” mean to you?

Elyse:  To me, at a time when many adults and children are addicted to technology, the “power of play” becomes more important. Children need to know how to interact with others. Communication, cooperation and socialization are crucial components of growth, empowerment and success for children. The “power of play” allows children the freedom to make choices and be creative, and places few limits on the ways in which toys can play a role in a child’s life.

Toyology Toys: What specific topics would you like to contribute to Toyology Toys and the Power of Play?

Elyse: Many topics come to mind when I think about children. First, as a reading specialist, I like to make literature and nonfiction more exciting for kids. With modern technology, books are so much more accessible. When I hear a child say that he does not like to read, it blares, “I have a problem reading.” In addition to my art practice/education degrees, I’m Orton-Gillingham trained, including advanced levels, trained in Lindamood Bell Verbalization/Visualization, and hold other certifications as well.
I would also like to address the various ways materials/games at Toyology Toys can help build self-esteem, and visual/auditory/kinesthetic modalities. These are the components, that, when combined, provide the optimum strategies to process and retrieve information. As an ADHD coach, I recognize the value of multi-sensory remediation and utilization of more than one pathway to the brain to learn/retrieve processed information.
Another important benefit of “playing” is that it provides the opportunity to problem-solve. “What should I do next?” What is the outcome if I do this?” Children problem-solve everyday, NOT just when they do homework! Assessing possibilities and making informed decisions come into play everyday. “Should I accept this invitation to play? He’s usually not nice to me.” “Should I sneak this candy? If I do, will I get in trouble?” Interacting with others and playing games provide opportunities for kids to problem-solve.

Toyology Toys: Where can people follow you? (Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest)

Elyse: Facebook

About the Author

Elyse is mother and grandmother to two daughters and three grandchildren from West Bloomfield. She is an ADHD coach, a multi-sensory remediator and an educational consultant who has been in private practice since 1997.