Gifts That Keep On Giving!

By Dana Gorman | Toy Guides

Nov 18

I’m not sure about your children, but mine absolutely LOVE getting gifts.

It doesn’t seem to matter what they get, they are just thrilled to open a box, play with whatever they got for a day or two, then it gets added to the container of toys that is already overflowing.  The best was when the boys were little, and they didn’t even care if there was anything in the box, the box was all they wanted (and needed) to entertain them for hours!

As I sit around looking at all the things I have, I realize that some of the best gifts are the ones that keep on giving.  Don’t get me wrong, my kids will always revisit the toys they’ve received as gifts, but some of our favorites are things like SpinArt, or a paint your own porcelain pot, or a paint your own plate.  

We LOVE SpinArt at our house.  The kids create masterpieces, and then we use those works of art as birthday cards for our friends.  A store-bought birthday card is great, but a handmade birthday card is even better. Sometimes, we even frame the masterpieces and it becomes art on our wall.  Imagine seeing your child’s face when they realized their work of art is just as important as that store-bought print you purchased at the store. Priceless!

Painting your own porcelain pot is another great gift.  So often, my kids would bring home seeds from school, or a bud from a plant, that we needed to quickly plant so we kept the growing going.  What better place to plant that seed then in a pot that your child painted. Sure, you can buy a pot, but watching a flower, or plant, grow in a pot that they created would be nothing less than exciting!

We also love painting our own plates and bowls.  My kids have done this every year since my oldest was two, and 12 years later, they still eat off of those plates!  It’s fun to hear them say “I want the pizza plate”, or “I’ll take the ice cream bowl”. It is important to make sure the dishes are safe for eating, but even if they are not, using them as serving pieces (with a doily separating the food from the dish) would be a great addition to any family dinner!

Children always look forward to opening gifts and watching their faces as they open the boxes is exciting.  While it is entertaining to watch them play with their new toys, even if it is for just a few hours (or days) after they’ve gotten them; think about how you can make some gifts last longer just by picking one that keeps on giving.

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About the Author

Dana Gorman is a wife, a mother to three amazing sons and a full-time Speech Language Pathologist. She works in the school setting with students aged 4-18. She loves her family, her job and toys!