Our Favorite Brands: Smart Toys & Games

By Leah | Toy Guides

Nov 19

Check out some of our favorites from Smart Toys & Games, maker of safe, durable and award-winning toys and games. 

Smart Toys and Games consists of SMARTMAX, Smart Games and GeoSmart. SMARTMAX is a magnetic building system created for ages 1.5 and up. Safely engineered for toddlers, SMARTMAX stimulates hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, color recognition and more.  Smart Games is the leader in multi-level logic games. With challenges from very easy to very challenging, they are perfect for players of all ages. GeoSmart is a magnetic construction system for ages 5 and up.  GeoSmart pieces include of triangles, squares, rectangles and diamonds and more. The GeoSmart system also contains special elements such as spinners, wheels, and tracks making the GeoSmart system unique to other magnetic building systems. 

My First Animal Train

25-piece SmartMax set that enables kids to create a full, moving, 4-car train along with three fun animals.

Ages: 18 months & up

  • My First Animal Train is a 25-piece SmartMax set that enables kids to create a full, moving, 4-car train along with three fun animals. The large, soft, friendly-to-the-touch animal pieces come together easily on the SmartMax magnetic bars, while the oversize train components are simple to build and play with. The result is a seamless play experience that offers hours of play and story value. 
  • The extra-large train and animal parts easily click onto the bars. Build & drive your own train, play with the animals and the train driver or “mix & match” to create the craziest combinations! All parts are 100% compatible with all other SMARTMAX® sets.

My First Farm Animals

“Easily build and play with the animals, or mix and match for crazy combos!”

Ages: 1+
  • SmartMax My First Farm Animals is designed for kids ages 1 – 5 years, offering an early, safe, and fun introduction to magnetic discovery.  The soft animals simply click on the bars, making them ideal for little hands. SmartMax My First Farm Animals includes 16 pieces and is compatible with all other SmartMax sets.

GeoSmart Flip Bot

“Flip into a motorized adventure with the power of creative magnetic construction!

Ages: 5+
  • RC motor, wheels, and magnetically connecting shapes for building a motorized racer that flips
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, logic, creativity, STEM exploration, imaginative play
  • Geometry and engineering become action-packed play
  • Bot flips whenever direction is changed from forward to back or back to forward
  • Easy to build – Illustrated instructions
  • Includes 4 magnetic squares, 2 magnetic diamonds, 2 turbo snap-in motors, 3 tube connectors, 4 short snap-in arms, 4 long snap-in arms, transmitter, rechargeable receiver, 2 diamond panels, 2 wheels, 4 track wheels, tube coupling

Smart Games

“Build your car and drive away!”

Challenge your kids to build a car with 5 different blocks in this unique logic game! SmartCar 5×5 includes the car and 5 wooden blocks in 5 different colors. Kids solve each of the 96 challenges by placing all of the blocks correctly in the car according to the clues. SmartCar 5×5 is a puzzle and a toy…solve a challenge or take your car for a test drive!

Ages: 4+


  • 1 5-wheel car
  • 5 different colors
  • 1 challenge booklet for preschool with 48 challenges and solutions
  • 1 booklet for primary school with 48 harder challenges and solutions

Start Plus (30 pc.) Set

“Have fun building incredible structures with SmartMax!”

Ages: 1+

SmartMax enables young children to explore magnetism safely, with strong, oversized pieces that are specifically designed for handling by young kids. SmartMax products are safe and durable, made from the highest quality materials. Our magnets are incredibly strong, able to carry up to 60 times their own weight!

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