Shop Local, Even Online

By Jonathan Klar | Power Of Play

Sep 19

Shop Local, Even Online

We’re proud to say that Toyology is on a path to continue growing. Reinvesting in our local Metro Detroit area is important to us, whether it’s opening new locations in your neighborhood or expanding our reach into your community schools. But our modern toy-shopping experience doesn’t stop at our stores’ doorsteps. You can find the same “shop local” experience online, where our expertise is just a click away, and our personal commitment to you is top of mind.

We promise to never change the way in which we do business because the authentic experience we dedicate to you is our number one priority. Our founders and our team of “toyologists” vow to offer only the best selection and service, to ensure you and your family never have to look far for a memorable and valuable toy shopping experience.

About the Author

Jonathan Klar is owner, co-founder and C.O.O. of Toyology Toys