Summer Fun Around Town

By Elyse Gilbert | Toyology Toys Contributors

Jul 01

With summer approaching, it’s time to plan some field trips with your favorite kids!


Summer vacation provides the perfect time frame to visit places that seem too much of a “crunch” during the school year. Here are some fun destinations to head to over to during the toasty months.

Who doesn’t love the Detroit Zoo? Dinosauria is featured through Labor Day. Grab your sunblock and hike the “Dino Trail,” but BEWARE! Over 40 animatronic dinosaurs skulk within the span of three acres that echo prehistoric life! Afterwards, while visions of dinos dance in your head, visit Toyology Toys and pick up some “Epic Dinos” for your dino divas, and engage in a few rounds of “Dinosaur Escape” with your youthful opponents. For the little ones, “Constructables Dinos” is an entertaining, small motor activity.

Stuck with a steamy, sticky day? Take the kids to a local waterpark. Waterford Oaks, located in Waterford Township, has an awesome wave pool, as well as a cooling oasis for toddlers. Play “Stikball” or fling a “Beamo” during water breaks. Both are in stock at Toyology.

When the kids whine that they don’t want to visit an art museum, entice them with the DIA’s Star Wars and Power of Costume exhibit! If you plan on making another stop while at the museum, I recommend the Contemporary Gallery. Have the kids tuck a “Melissa & DougMini Sketch Pad into their backpacks, along with some colored pencils, and sketch away! Starving? Thirsty? Feet throbbing? Drop in at Café DIA (cafeteria-style) or the slightly snazzier Kresge Court, which serves Starbucks, beer and wine, along with gourmet snacks, sandwiches and desserts. The DIA Gift Shop? One word: divine!

If everyone can muster up more energy while downtown, visit the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History at 315 E. Warren. The museum boasts 26 interactive stations appropriate for those in pre-school to fourth grade. Older children will appreciate the permanent exhibits that span 20 galleries. My “go-to” that relates to this field trip include:  She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton (in stock at Toyology Toys). Finally, if the clan has an ounce of resilience left, head over to the Michigan Science Center at 5020 John R. St. Current exhibits include: the Sparks Electricity Show, Extreme Weather 4D, the Chrysler Science Stage Show, and the Planetarium Show. The museum has interactive exhibits and a cafe for the hungry, thirsty and weary! For those kids who can’t get enough science, I love the “Snap Circuit Kits” at Toyology Toys. Your young scientist will certainly become enamored with one of the kits (there are three levels).

The weather is great and our practically non-existent spring is becoming summer. These field trips promise to engage, entertain and educate both children and adults. Promise you’ll make a plan soon to bond with your kids, grandchildren, or young relatives and friends! Enjoy your field trips, Elyse

About the Author

Elyse is mother and grandmother to two daughters and three grandchildren from West Bloomfield. She is an ADHD coach, a multi-sensory remediator and an educational consultant who has been in private practice since 1997.