The Benefits of Sensory Bottles

By Leah | Power Of Play

Apr 04

Play is important to us here at Toyology Toys.

Most importantly, it is important for us to understand the different types of play. Sensory play is crucial to development throughout a child’s life. For babies, they explore this new world through their senses. This does not mean only exploring through touch but sight, smell, hearing and taste as well. Amanda Morin of The Spruce explains it best; “Sensory exploration is a child’s way of examining, discovering, categorizing, and making sense of the world, and it’s beneficial to provide them with opportunities for sensory play.” We want to be able to provide parents with the necessary tools to enrich their child’s development through sensory play.

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One of the most common activities to encourage sensory play are sensory bottles or sometimes called calm down bottles. A sensory bottle is any sealable container filled with a base like water and glitter or glue with different types of objects to keep your child engaged. Sensory bottles are easily customizable making them fun to make! You can use beads, sequins, pom poms or any other small objects that will keep your kids interested. You can customize sensory bottles by the child’s interests and needs.

When making the sensory or calm down bottles, children improve their fine motor development by grasping and picking up the small objects and placing them into the bottle. Sensory bottles are also a fun way to introduce math and science to your children at and early age. They can practice measuring supplies and objects to go into the bottle as well as guessing how much supplies they might need for their bottle.

As mentioned before, sensory bottles are also called calm down bottles. Calm down bottles, often made with a water and glitter mixture, serve a different purpose. Calm down bottles help young children relax and soothe themselves by focusing on the motion happening inside the calm down bottle. They are an effective and easy way to help children focus on deep breaths and relaxing after a temper tantrum or an upsetting event. It gives the child something to focus on externally to help them calm down.  As simple as they may be, sensory bottles and calm down bottles are effective, impactful and simply fun to make!

If you are interested in making your own sensory or calm down bottle, join us Sunday, April 8th from 1-3 P.M. at Toyology Toys Royal Oak, West Bloomfield and Rochester Hills for a Make Your Own Sensory Bottle Event RSVP here

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