Top 14 Tools & Toys for Back To School

By Leah | Toy Guides

Aug 16

It’s the time of year again… Are you ready for back to school?

Here’s everything to get your kids excited about back to school!
Magnetic Drawing Board
Ages: 5+

- Easy, on-the-go, screen-less "tablet" to help practice letters and numbers.
Coding Critters
Ages: 4+

- Interactive pets for preschoolers!
- Introduces critical thinking and problem solves.
Great introduction to STEM concepts.

Magnetic Responsibility Chart

Ages: 3+

- Helps get kids back on track for school
- Keep track of chores, reward for good behavior and track good habits.  

Wonder Stix
Ages: 3+

- Can be used on a variety of surfaces
- Washes off easily from most surfaces
- Won't dry out like markers
Brain Quest Flash Cards + Workbooks
Ages: 2+

- Early learning flash cards and work puts for every age, grade and topic.
Plus Plus
Ages: 5+

- Great fine motor builder
- Can be build 2D or 3D
- Kids can build their own creations or follow the guides that come with it.
$14.99 - 124.99
Ages: 3+

- Magnetic building toy that can be built 2D or 3D
- Lots of sets to build your collection
- Use it lots of way to help learn shapes, symmetry and basic math concepts. 
Uh Oh Hippo
Ages: 4+

- ​Fun, new take on a memory game.
- Encourages memorization and visual recognition
- Teaches social skills and turn taking
Wikki Stix
$4.99 - $19.99
Ages: 4+

- Unique medium to help practice letters and numbers.
- Use it to create pictures easily!
- Mess-free.
- Comes with illustrations for tracing and play and craft ideas.
Rainbow Fluffy Paint
Ages: 6+

- Has a whipped, frosting-like consistency. 
- Great sensory medium that's unique from normal paint.
- Can be used for a variety of sensory activities.
Turbo Pop! STEM Challenge
Ages: 5+

- Introduces topics like force and trajectories at an early age.
- Encourages problem solving with trial and error style activities.
- Totally kid powered!
Ages: 5+

- Control these tiny robots with your own designs!
- Helps develop critical thinking.
- Encourages an interest in STEM related fields. 
Science Wiz Kits
Ages: 6+

- Unique science kits that help get kids interested in subjects like inventions and DNA!
- All kids come with a variety of different activities and experiments.
- Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.
Ages: 5+

- Create your own video game from hand drawings!
- Easy to use but comes with "Game Design Concepts" book for extra help.
- Has built in parental controls. 

About the Author

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