Top Toys for Fine Motor Development

By Elyse | Power Of Play

Mar 23

I remember when my son’s kindergarten teacher told me that we needed to work on improving his fine motor development…

I was told get some fun scrapbook scissors and have him cut wrapping paper. Just one problem, my son did not want to cut wrapping paper. What now I thought. Clearly this simple sounding task was challenging for my son, and he had zero desire to practice something that was difficult for him. I then realized if I was going to improve my son’s fine motor I had to make it fun and enjoyable. This was when I was able to see the true power of play.

I walked into a local toy store and found all kinds of amazing toys that were engaging and stimulating for my son while at the same time providing fine motor development. My son played for hours and hours with these amazing toys, all while working on an area that he struggled with. When we as parents can incorporate play into the equation the solution becomes less daunting.  My son is now in second grade and he still regularly plays with these toys. I see him enjoying these toys and feel comforted that he enjoys them while also continuing to develop his fine motor skills.

After I experienced this breakthrough of the power of play in this area I could find other ways to involve “Play” to help with other subjects such as math and even spelling. I now incorporate all sorts of games and toys to help both my children further develop areas where they need a little extra help. The work becomes positive and I even find my children looking forward to what I have in store for them next.

Featured Products:

  • Practice strengthening pencil grip with an easy to hold magnetic stylus
  • Child can create fun designs with mess free magnetic balls
  • Uppercase, Lowercase and Numbers and glow in the dark boards available
  • Fun tactile experience allows child to erase the creations with the touch of a finger
  • Mess free: use in car, at the table or on the couch



Magnatab (Uppercase Letters)

Plus Plus
  • Strengthen pincer grasp while strengthening creativity and innovation
  • Plastic puzzle pieces connect together to make 2D or 3D designs and creations
  • Throw them on the kitchen table while you are making dinner or waiting for food to come at a restaurant
  • Bright colors, camouflage, pastels, and neon colors available appeal to all children

Learn To Build Set

Boogie Board
  • Draw, write and create with a stylus or other texture tools on an electronic pad
  • Children will want to draw and create all while developing better pinch grip
  • Erase with the touch of a button and start the creating again

Scribble N Play

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
  • Silicone based putty that never dries out, stretch, bounce pull and play while developing and strengthening pinch grip
  • Place beads, coins, marbles and other small items into the putty and have kids discover all hidden in the putty — excellent pincer grasp activity that will keep children entertained all while developing hand coordination and manual dexterity

Mixed By Me Holographic Thinking Putty Kit

Melissa & Doug
  • Activity book with age appropriate scissors
  • Cut fun items like pizza slices, watermelon pieces and shapes of a house
  • Simple to more complex cutting designs allows kids to grow as they become stronger in developing scissor skills while still having fun

Scissor Skills Activity Pad

  • Grip strength development practice pressing and pulling all important for fine motor
  • Silicone suction fun with unlimited building opportunities! Even create giant letters with the squigs
  • Stick on the wall, glass, bathtub, other squigs, or even your forehead

Starter Set

  • Build and create with fun modern colorful interlocking sticks
  • Strengthening pinch grip with fun, creativity, and building
  • Different sets some include bendable pieces or wheels

Master Set

Too often we think of a time for play and a time for work. I have now realized that when I can mesh those two together my goal can be achieved in a fun, successful and more impactful way.

About the Author

Elyse has been with Toyology Toys since 2015. You can find her at Toyology Toys Royal Oak, West Bloomfield and Rochester Hills. Elyse is a mother of two and loves finding amazing children's books for our stores!