Toyology Academy: Cooperative Play – Featured Products

By Rebecca Fry | Toy Guides

Nov 20

Cooperative play: it is a life skill we all want our children to flourish in and a survival necessity for parents of multiples.  

But the question always lingers, how can I get my child(ren) to be better with cooperative play? As a parent of two boys and very soon to be three boys, my sanity depends on my kids being able to play together without constant interventions.  Honestly, this is a skill we still have good and bad days with. We have gone through periods of great success and then we will hit a time where it seems fighting is constant. What I have come to learn is to never pat myself on the back too early and to expect hiccups along the way; remembering that hiccups often come during developmental milestones or changes in routine.

Here are some of our favorite products that encourage cooperative play:


Role Play &
Dress Up Sets

Stack Up


Djubi Jr.

Melissa & Doug

Prehistoric Playground Dinosaur Rug

Feed The Woozle

Friends & Neighbors

About the Author

Rebecca, originally from Texas, migrated to Michigan with her husband and two boys aged 2 and 5 years old. Rebecca is currently a stay-at-home mom but has a background is psychology with a special interest in early childhood development and parenting. She keeps up to date in the latests techniques in both areas whenever she can!