Toyology Academy: Get Outside and PLAY!

By Aric Klar | Power Of Play

Apr 30

Memories of my childhood begin with those sunny days in May when the recess bell rang and we got to go and play outside with no coats on for the first time of the season.

Do you remember that day? Is there a better feeling than being able to run free and just explore? I don’t think so.

Playing outside sparks imagination, promotes curiosity (I remember my first kiss on the playground at Doherty) and promotes a healthy lifestyle. From playing your favorite sport and running crazy, getting dizzy on the tire swing to making up your own games with your friends. 
It is our job as parents to make sure our children and all future generations never forget about the value of playing outside. You can say with today’s wave of tech toys kids are less likely to go out and explore. I disagree. I think because of today’s wave of educational tools kids can learn about nature faster, be more spot on with their sports drills and skills and even be able to do things outside none of us thought would even be possible when we were their age. Think about it, We always wanted to get on the roof of schools to see what was up there. Now our kids can use their drones to see what is on the roof.
Outdoor and active play is one of all of our Toyologist favorite categories. We love promoting healthy lifestyles and making sure families have the tools to support family fun outside. We pride ourselves on always having the most curated selection of fun and engaging product all year long.

Check out our list of top toys to get outside and play with this spring:

Sling Stix

Easy Rollerz Heel Wheels

Ninja Line

Spooner Freestyle


PowerUp 2.0 
Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Walkie Chalk

About the Author

Aric Klar is owner, co-founder and CEO of Toyology Toys