Toyology Academy: Learning Beyond The Classroom

By Aric Klar | Power Of Play

Feb 28

Learning in general, is a wide discussion…

Most parents  think the “best learning” comes from what is taught in the classroom. Simply because this is where learning is supposed to happen. Today’s students have more access to information and resources beyond the classroom than any prior generation. This new generation of learners can hop onto the internet, search a topic they are interested in and immediately get answers. This generation can explore in ways previous generations thought would never exist. Think about it, instead of reading about a place in the world, our children can hop onto Google Earth and by a click of a button, be able to see that exact place in close to real time.  These resources also allow for our children to explore things that interest them not only at school but at home as well. We call this self directed learning, and according to many studies, self directed learning is more powerful because children can now decide what they want to learn and when they want to learn it.

Self directed learning has allowed Toyology Toys to continue to find innovative, exciting and refreshing products that will always have children wanting to explore and learn new things. Part of our mission is to make sure children are always thinking creatively, out of the box and are as hands on as possible. At Toyology Toys, 100% of our products are bought with the intention that kids will be able to explore new opportunity and unique challenges. We love to find products that gets kids interested in learning about specific topics in unique ways.  We want our children to recognize and most importantly, understand  how science works and not just watch science happen.

At Toyology Toys, our stores are setup in sections that display different products in specific categories. From early learning toys that inspire open ended play and endless creations to the coolest of STEAM toys that are created to get your child exploring self directed play. Toyology Toys is your one stop shop for everything fun, educational and most importantly beneficial.

To further enhance our in-store experience, we provide regular in-store events to learn and educate, discover or simply have fun. Besides our in-store experience, Toyology Toys continues to be a partner with schools and families in our communities. We lead after school programming initiatives such as unplugged weeks, our Shark Tank event where students turn into entrepreneurs and drop in STEAM centers. We love to be a leading resource when it comes to driving unique learning experiences for children. No child’s idea is ever too small!

A couple of Toyologist-in-training enjoying the perks of our in-store events!

About the Author

Aric Klar is owner, co-founder and CEO of Toyology Toys