Toyology Academy: Play Value

By Aric Klar | Power Of Play

Jan 30

At Toyology Toys, it is important to us that our Toyology community understands why we use the term “Play Value” so regularly.

Play Value has endless meanings. Some of which include:

  • Life of a toy
  • Quality of a toy
  • Multiple uses for a toy
  • Cooperative value
  • Imaginative play
  • Promotes interaction
  • And so many more

Part of our mission at Toyology Toys is to determine the Play Value of a product before we bring that specific item into our stores. It is important to us that families and kids can use our toys as tools. Play Value helps assist  kids to think more outside of the box, promotes healthy creativity, cooperative play and many more. We need our stores to constantly be a resource for young minds to develop and remain challenged from the items we sell.


Quality is everything, especially when it is for your child.

We sure think so. You want to make sure the products you are paying for will last. Part of that quality is the life of the toy. How long will it hold up without breaking of course, but, what about thinking about how long it will hold your children’s attention? Quality can have a lot of different meaning when connected to Play Value. Our products are meant to stay around for years of understanding and different play techniques.

Toys are always available for thorough testing (playing) by kids, parents and grandparents at Toyology Toys!

Do ages on a box matter? No.

We also let our customer know that the age on the box is a “recommended age” and that every child is different. My 2 year old son loves his toys that are recommended for “1 year and up “ on the box. The reason?  He now understands that toy in its entirety and can explore it in new ways. His mind is developing which allows him to explore. We tell parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and family, when you come into our store, BE A KID. Explore different ages and categories in our stores as a tool to fuel your child’s or loved ones creative inner being.

Aric, Ezra (age 18 months) and Hudson (age 4) putting SpinAgain to the Toyology test.

At Toyology Toys our staff is the VALUE in Play Value.

We know our knowledgeable team, our consistent support and guidance through our curation of goods helps secure Toyology Toys as a household name. We thank all of our current customers and future customers to share these principles as we shape our kids to fuel our world’s future.

Aric prepping our Toyologist on our Top Toys during our pre-holiday meeting.

About the Author

Aric Klar is owner, co-founder and CEO of Toyology Toys