Toyology Spotlight – Boom Brick

By Alex Strugach | Toyology Spotlight

Jun 07

A speaker that doesn’t need cords! Play music anytime, anywhere.

The Boom Brick is this summer’s best speaker! Portable in every way, no cords required, no bluetooth needed, no wifi. You can use this speaker instantly, anywhere by simply placing your smartphone on top of the speaker and be AMAZED! The Boom Brick uses technology called Near Field Audio. This is the same technology that an electric guitar uses to amplify the vibrations from the string, sends that information to an amplifier, and then sends it out to the speaker. With that said, by placing your phone on the speaker you can hear the Boom Brick amplifying the music coming from your phone. No cords, no bluetooth, no connection required just the vibrations from your music.

The reason why I love using the Boom Brick is because of how easy it is to use and share with my friends. No more asking someone if they can pass the aux cord or to turn their bluetooth off so I can pair my phone. With so many speakers now that require some sort of bluetooth pairing, it feels great to play music just by simply placing my phone on the speaker and enjoy.

Key Features:

  • No cords are needed to use the Boom Brick
  • This is a great item for people who are technology challenged.
  • It’s an awesome speaker to show off to your friends

Educational Aspects:

  • The Boom Brick is great way to understand how near field audio uses induction to amplify vibrations.
  • The fact that I had to google this technology, I learned so much about sound waves and how a lot of sound equipment works.

Boom Brick

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