Toyology Spotlight – Build & Imagine Draw & Build Dollhouse

By Stephanie | Toyology Spotlight

Dec 26

Building, Drawing, Storytelling and more!

Build & Imagine Founder Laurie Peterson noticed a lack of building toys geared towards girls, so she created Build & Imagine kits, which are a combination of building blocks, dollhouses and dress-up. Each kit comes with building panels and wooden dolls that connect to form 3D storyboards reminiscent of dollhouses. The kits emphasize engineering skills such as spatial reasoning and problem solving while also encouraging creativity.


The Build & Imagine Draw and Build Dollhouse comes with a series of magnetic dry-erase board panels that connect to form different structures. Kids can use the four included dry erase markers to design and redesign the panels and the doll for hours of endless fun! Each kit comes with a cloth eraser for hassle-free clean up. Perfect for kids ages three and up who like building, drawing, storytelling, and dolls.

“The simple act of combining shapes to form a three dimensional structure helps kids to develop foundation skills for STEM. Skills like spatial reasoning, problem solving, creativity and design.”

– Laurie Peterson, Founder of Build & Imagine

Build & Imagine 

Draw & Build Dollhouse

Key Features

  1. The answer to the lack of building toys gear for girls
  2. Combines building, storytelling and dolls
  3. Exercises imagination, creativity and engineering skills
  4. This product is great for ages 3+

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