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By Beth | Toyology Spotlight

Nov 07

Celebrate time with your family putting together this unique puzzle!

Jig Pix is not your ordinary puzzle. It allows you to use photos and turn them into your personalized creations. Your family puzzle night will never be the same again. You can make a different puzzle every time.

Jig pix requires an app that’s compatible with an Apple or Android phone. Once you find a picture you want to turn into a puzzle, the JigPix App will generate a kind of DNA map to create one. The numbered puzzle pieces will then help you to build your customized design.

I love this product because of its endless possibilities. I think every family can enjoy this new way of putting jigsaw puzzles together. Kids and adults are going to be excited to play and create together.

Key Features:

  •  This product allows you to turn any photo into a puzzle. Portraits are the best as far as choosing.
  • Using the App compatible with your Apple or Android phone, a photo will become a unique numbered map.
  • Once you find the right numbers, the puzzle can be created.

Educational Benefits:

  • JigPix teaches cooperative skills.
  • It teaches strategic reasoning skills to recognize numbers and put them together to create a puzzle.

The World's First Smart Puzzle

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