Toyology Spotlight – People Blocks Zoo Animals

By Elyse | Toyology Spotlight

Mar 21

Everyone loves a magnetic building toy!

People Blocks: Zoo Animals allows kids as young as 18 months to use their creativity to construct fun, silly, zoo animal creations. This set comes with 17 different shaped, colorful blocks that are both lightweight and easy to hold for tiny hands. Each block has a magnetic side with 4 easy to recognize circles. This easily helps kids identify the magnetic part of the block. Mix and match and create all sorts of silly animals or creations. Take them apart and let the building fun start again. I also love this new building set because it comes with a durable double-sided play mat for kids to place their animals in different areas of their imaginative zoo.

When I am picking out toys, I look for toys that have grow value. People Blocks: Zoo Animals has excellent grow value for different age ranges. As children grow and are able to do more, they can create more complex animals or creations. This fun magnetic building toy is a great buy for today knowing that it will be enjoyed for many tomorrows!

Key Features:

  • 17 different shaped colorful blocks that are lightweight and easy to hold even for the tiniest hand.
  • Safe and durable magnetic building for kids as young as 18 months old.
  • Encourages creativity as children grow and develop into more complex builders.

Educational Benefits:

  • Excellent building toy to encourage creativity with excellent play value as children continue to grow.
  • Helps teach young children to identify magnetics with safety and durability in mind.

People Blocks

Zoo Animals
17 PC. Set

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