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By Ben | Toyology Spotlight

Aug 22

A robot that follows you!

Jump into the world of Tracerbot by Mukikim! Introducing the mini inductive robot that follows the black line you draw. Light sensors help Tracerbot detect and follow the marker trail automatically. Its microcomputer tells it what to do without losing track and will follow the line back to the start! Your robot knows where to go!

Tracerbot’s interactive play helps develop logical/critical thinking and problem solving skills! Design the pathways so the robot can correctly follow the lines with specific orders, loops or patterns, and complete the task! Challenge yourself… and your robot!

Can you help the mini robot create a city? Show your creative idea to scheme the map, design the layout and draw routes on blank paper, and let the robot roam in your imaginary world!

Collect all three colors!

Key Features:

  • Tracerbot is a great intro STEAM product for ages 5+
  • By using light sensors Tracerbot is able to follow your marker trail automatically using its microcomputer from start to finish!
  • Use logical/critical thinking and problem-solving to create your own city.

Educational Benefits:

  • Tracerbot’s interactive play helps develop logical/critical thinking and problem-solving skills! 
  • A chance to use your creativity and artistic ability in an educational manner.

Tracerbot Set

Tracerbot - Red

Tracerbot - Blue

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