Toyology Spotlight – Ultimo

By Beth | Toyology Spotlight

Apr 11

Ultimo is a brand new game that will challenge your reasoning skills.

[Ultimo is] an awesome way for two people to go head to head with a competitive spirit. You begin playing by making 3 piles of the colored dice with the gold dice in one. On each turn, you can take 1,2, or, 3 dice from only one of the piles. Those dice are outplayed at that point and the object of winning is to be the last person to get the gold dice in their final turn.

Key Features:

  • It’s a two player game for ages 8 and up
  • To win, be the person to grab the yellow dice on your last turn
  • You can take Ultimo with you anywhere because it has only 15 pieces and comes in a handy tube

Educational Benefits:

  • Ultimo teaches both logic and strategy.
  • Critical thinking and patience will also be utilized by kids and adults.


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