Toyology Spotlight – Watchitude

By Leslie | Toyology Spotlight

Nov 14

Watches with attitude for kids!

As a collectible, kids can seek out unique designs that show off their attitude. Every design is a limited edition and will be retired as new designs are created. Each Watchitude is built to last, made with a quality analog quartz movement, splashproof, with durable Zinc alloy casing, using a standard and replaceable 1-year battery. Their patented process creates a hi-gloss, durable finish of a beautifully printed image on the slap watch band and face, that never fades or peels.

Key Features:

  • These are collectible and tradable. Find them all!
  • Encourages kids to learn how to read analog clocks.
  • Made with quality parts for a long-lasting, splashproof watch.
  • Great for accessorizing any outfit you choose

Educational Benefits:

  • Watchitude is a great way for parents to teach their kids how to tell time.

Watchitude - Dog Emoji

Watchitude - Princess Unicorn

Watchitude - Build Up

Watchitude - Skater

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Leslie has been with Toyology Toys since 2016. You can find her at Toyology Toys Bloomfield Hills. Leslie loves making things and being crafty!