Toys R Us is bankrupt but we keep GROWING!

By Jonathan Klar | Power Of Play

Oct 31

Toyology Toys is now Michigan’s #1 Toy Retailer!

“The toy industry is changing… With Toys R’ Us out of the picture, the specialty toy industry is BOOMING. We thank all of our amazing, loyal and appreciative customers for making this all happen. Without creating a unique experience in today’s retail world, you are destine to fail. We are so appreciative that all of you have fallen in love with our experience. We are forever grateful. You are the reason Toyology Toys continues to grow, remains a household name and is not just a store but a tool in your child’s growth and future.”

-Aric Klar, Owner of Toyology Toys

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About the Author

Jonathan Klar is owner, co-founder and C.O.O. of Toyology Toys