Why do you love Toyology?

“Real people, who know and love toys. who have ridden around in them, and not just stuck in some (mental/physical) wrapper. I could buy online, but I don't because we are into you, your personalities, your enthusiasm, and your small business charm.”

Why do you love Toyology?

“I love the variety of toys, that there are toys out to play with and the amazing staff that are so friendly and helpful. Toyology is the only toy store I shop in :-)”

Sarah K

Shop Local

“I love shopping and supporting my local stores, especially when they are all the way awesome. Thanks for treating our community with a great shop, you guys are awesome.”

Darius W

Go-To Toy Store

“They really give great recommendations for whatever age you tell them you are shopping for. Always helpful and friendly. Our go to toy store!”

Nina K

Super Nice Staff

“I can't say enough wonderful things about this store. So far, I've only had the pleasure of shopping at the RO location, but I'm confident that the other two stores are just as amazing!!! This is my go to store for any toy/activity/crafting needs. No more toys made of cheap plastic that cost a fortune and break within a few days of your child receiving them. As an added bonus, the staff is super nice and engaging, and takes the time to make each child who walks thru the door feel special. Thanks for being so awesome, Toyology!!!!”

Shannon L

I always go here

“I love the store! I may be biased because they carry my children's book, but whenever I need a present or a little something for my son I always go here! Teachers get 10% off and anyone can donate 20% of their sale to their school. It's a win-win for everyone!”

Kelsey E